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Freelance despite debt and not just build more or new debt

An investment is material if it can be used independently. He is self-employed. Income or even failed self-employed with very high debts. To what extent does insurance coverage persist despite premium debts?

As a self-employed person, I owe something

As a self-employed person, I owe something.

As a self-employed person, I owe something. One year ago I started my own business. actually out of necessity, because I was Good finance…. had there already debts and had the hope that I can then reduce this through self-employment … had then, shortly after I opened the shop, with the Good finance great Difficulties …. got the integration support, and shortly after the opening of the shop, the head office has deleted all sums of money, so I have four months.

nothing works have survived this time …. but it has accumulated new debt again … now it is so that I can pay the operating costs (shop rent etc.), but now, of course, the coming, where I have the debt … My husband and I have thought that he should take the burden and I should go into insolvency. can you do something like that ?????

You have a problem case and know that there are more open points?

You have a problem case and know that there are more open points?

To the best of my knowledge, this is criminally punished by law if you have assets “disappeared” to avoid debt repayment. Is there something to be confiscated in this business? I agree with the vendors the installments be paid for you. Explain to the lenders your concern.

Then let’s do it private ….” is neither a long-term way out nor reasonable, if you intend to start your own business later. Meanwhile, I’m independent… that’s just the evil that now all the faithful are coming, the prosecution and so on … and I’m putting a lot of strain on that … I’m sitting in a big forced mill … On one side I do not want to disappoint my clientele, (runs a nail salon), on the other hand, I do not hold the pressure anymore.

Would my husband now rented another business and registered the trade and I would go with the business here in insolvency and then start with my husband on a 400dollar basis, would that work ???? knows no other way than to relieve my load and not disappoint my clientele.

However, if you go bankrupt with your own studio, then you as an individual are also responsible for the debts incurred by the company.

Try to trade with the lenders

Try to trade with the lenders

In the case of the total debt of the magnitude that it can be repaid, I would first negotiate rates with the lenders or the steward.

If that is not possible, in my opinion, insolvency is a viable way out. If it’s just old debt and the shop is now viable, you can bankrupt the company. As far as I know, this is possible … my former boss did it the same way. He filed for bankruptcy and then his boy resumed the company under another company name.

Hello, you should look at it really well, I had similar difficulties at the beginning of my independence. They had a debt of almost 60,000 dollars. Then I sat down with an expert who had contacted the lenders. Debt has fallen to a minimum today, unlike in the past.

In addition, there are monthly difficulties such as the submission of all payslips and statements of accounts, etc., etc., etc., etc., which are usually accompanied by a change of account, it is for the house bank due to this bankruptcy, the bank account concludes, not unusual. My acquaintance, who at the same time as I found his own company, though he had given his answer with a discharge of 30,000 dollars, is today very dissatisfied.

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