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Refinancing Construction Loan

Refinancing of the construction loan. Anyone who now relocates the relatively expensive construction loan of the past to a cheaper provider can save several thousand euros. Decisive for the success is the time of refinancing. In our case, it was about the wrong cancellation policy for real estate loans.

In our case, it was about the wrong cancellation policy for real estate loans. The SH had checked our order free of charge and considered inadequate. RA Stamenkovic emailed Stamenkovic in October that she should not hesitate to face the house bank. In anticipation of a ruling at the beginning of December, he recommends by phone. I only remembered him in the second half of December.

The chances of success were now close to zero

The chances of success were now close to zero

The right of withdrawal is a very topical issue in which the legal situation and the prospects for success can change very quickly. We did that in your case. Unfortunately, in your analysis, you failed to mention that the first assessment of Mr. Stamenkovic RA at the beginning of January 2015 and the second assessment by Hr. Baumüller RA took place at the end of November 2015, so that it is quite natural in such a period that the legal situation may change.

This estimate for the month of September 2015 is completely out of context and has not pointed out the incorrectness of the contradiction instruction. There are no contradictory views in our law office, we look after our clients according to the current legal situation. You have contacted us in order to be able to check your contradictory information offered by us free of charge.

We did that too, in your case two. In addition, we currently offer no free care. You told us in November that you would be interested in consultation only if you had a good chance of success.

We have done this for you completely free of charge


Although it goes well beyond our range of services for checking the contradictory information. You have already stated in writing that in your case we have not seen any prospects for success. According to the content of your post in September, you were not interested in a consultation.

Nevertheless, you have again sent us two e-mails with various legal questions and requests for further action and asked for their answers. For this reason, we can not be required to do so for free. So we have sent you a message and pointed out that the discussion of these issues can only be made in connection with a cost-sensitive consultation appointment.

However, due to the low chances of success, you were clearly prevented from making such a date. We have done this in your favor so that you do not bring capital into a hopeless cause. Therefore, we can also understand the dissatisfaction, if one learns that the legal situation in-house is not favorable.

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