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The advantages of the self-employed loan

Very important is the very fast payout. Loans for the self-employed are generally more difficult to obtain than for employees, civil servants or civil servants.

Self-employed, freelancers and entrepreneurs can also apply for loans on attractive terms. Learn more about the specifics of lending professionals on our content page Credit for the self-employed. In addition, every self-employed person must prove that he has been self-employed for some time.

The advantages of the self-employed loan

The advantages of the self-employed loan

The self-employed loan offers start-ups, freelancers and the self-employed with important information, comparison of providers and alternative financing advice. A special form of the loan is the loan for the self-employed. It is tailored to the special requirements of these groups of freelancers, founders, and freelancers. Often the credit institutions grant them a personal loan instead of a loan for the self-employed, as the self-employment platform aimed at caring for the self-employed executes explicitly.

Financial support in the form of a loan for the self-employed is always necessary when the founders, the self-employed or the self-employed are unable or unwilling to cover their capital needs with their own financial resources. Classic is start-ups, expansion investments or the replacement of failures, which can occur unexpectedly due to sales or customer losses.

Another reason for the need is the unwillingness of the self-employed to cover their financing needs from their own resources. More details about The classic loan office for self-employed loans is the commercial bank. The likelihood of getting credit from your bank depends on the creditworthiness and required security features of the self-employed, founders or freelancers.

Because there are often the highest standards of independence, it is recommended that alternative forms of financing be considered. For self-employed people, the crowdfunding platforms can also get loans. Also, family and friends should not be discounted as lenders. For self-employed persons, founders and freelancers to get an overall view of the granting bodies and conditions for a loan for the self-employed to have self-sufficiency submitted a credit rating comparison.

A tabular list of direct banks and loan portals


providing interested parties with relatively low-cost self-employed loans, depending on their needs and situation. However, because the conditions may change at any time, the self-employed must go directly to the relevant registry and explain individually their needs and the background of a loan for the self-employed.

Independence. de refers in particular to this. Detailed capital in the credit comparison is devoted to matching the conditions for a self-employment loan with self-employment. It covers nine areas such as credit size, annual interest rate, and maturity, to name just three. In it, the following are summarized. Of course, the repayment plan, the fixed-rate and the repayment modalities of the loan for the self-employed are also included.

The collateral provided by interested parties in granting a loan

The collateral provided by interested parties in granting a loan

To the self-employed also plays an important role in the comparison of self-employed loans. The last chapter deals with the specific question of how to apply for a self-employed loan. Of course, the documents to be submitted to the client depend on the size and legal form of the applicant; however, a business plan and a financing plan are always included.

Lending for the self-employed is a central concern for all self-employed, freelancers and entrepreneurs who need or want to co-finance their business externally. Therefore has self-strength. submitted a credit rating comparison that provides the necessary support. The various clients and financing options, as well as the conditions for granting a loan for the self-employed, are discussed in detail.

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